How Video Analytics Can Take a CCTV System to the Next Level

Posted on: July 19, 2017

Intelligent video monitoring can detect threats and act as a force multiplier for your building’s security

Video monitoring is becoming an increasingly popular method to increase security for a variety of businesses – but what good is video if no one’s watching? Many businesses don’t have the resources required to pay security personnel to monitor video feeds 24/7.

There is a solution. Intelligent video monitoring software can do much of the work, augmenting or even replacing some of the need for human personnel. Each year, more and more businesses are using this technology to keep their facilities secure. Take a look at how video analytics can benefit yours:

Intelligent video monitoring and movement tracking

Intelligent video monitoring can track movement across restricted spaces and areas, notifying security personnel or business owners when an area has unauthorized activity or has otherwise been breached. This is especially helpful in large facilities such as warehouses, large corporate offices, or manufacturing plants, where small or remote security teams are required to monitor tens of thousands of square feet of space.

Video analytics can prevent piggybacking

A major risk for facilities is piggybacking: one or more individuals gaining unauthorized access to an area by closely following and using the security access of an authorized person. Piggybacking may occur with the authorized person’s permission or not; for example, an unauthorized vehicle closely following another one through an automated security gate may occur without the authorized driver’s knowledge.

It’s also all too easy for someone to intentionally allow an unauthorized individual into an area with the intention of committing theft, vandalism, or other mayhem. This is a specific concern in high traffic structures, such as large corporate buildings or high rise condominiums.

Video analytics can help you better understand your business

Video analytics and intelligent video monitoring can also provide a range of essential information and statistics to your business, including counting the number of people who enter and exit your building at different times in the day. This helps you and your security team spot theft, and software can also identify suspicious patterns of activity and proactively alert personnel to actually prevent incidents.

Intelligent video capabilities are constantly advancing, and the some of the latest technologies even include software algorithms designed to detect aggression in the body language of individuals in order to head off violence before it happens.

Video analytics can also help you increase your business’s efficiency; if you operate a retail business or any type of company that deals with a lot of customers in person, it can spur analysis of the amount of people coming in and out of your store and office. The technology can also identify inefficient work patterns by employees and assist you in developing and tracking strategies to correct them.

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