Safety policy

At Fortis, every one of us is accountable for the safety and well-being of our people. Safety is a Fortis value, and our standard is simple – no one gets hurt. There is no amount of revenue, productivity, or customer service that is worth an injury of any kind.

You can count on Fortis to set the standard, to invest in developing a world class safety system and a culture that not only empowers people to perform safely but expects it. Together, we will work to eliminate hazardous conditions, provide the training necessary to complete work safely, comply with regulations and lead by example in every way.

All our people are expected to actively participate in safety and health program activities including the following: reporting hazards, near misses, unsafe work practices and accidents immediately to their supervisors or a safety committee representative; abiding by all safety policies and guidelines; and participating in and supporting safety committee activities.

Our journey to build a great company that is not only recognized as the best in this industry but as one of the handful of best companies in the world will only be realized if we are a demonstrated leader in safety. To succeed, we must have complete commitment from all our team, and every single one of us must own safety.