Responsible, Reliable, Professional.

Responsible. Reliable. Professional.

At LifeSafety Management, we don’t sleep, so you can. This dedication sets us apart from the competition and solidifies our belief in being there for our customers. We want our customers to rely on us as an ever-present partner, not as a safety net. That’s why we provide everything you need — dependable products and services that protect life and property — and everything you deserve. Our attention to detail and a la carte offerings allow us to customize our service package for each customer while enhancing the experience with trust and reliability.

From 24/7 alarm monitoring to code compliance and fast repairs, we provide innovative technology and intuitive customer support. Our certified technicians install, inspect, test and repair as if it’s for their own company. Because, in a way, it is. Our customers are our partners, and we care deeply about their life safety needs. That’s why we provide nothing short of the finest and most professional service possible.

Keeping up with fire and security regulations is mandatory, but not always easy for business owners or managers to handle. That’s why LifeSafety Management’s team of professionals is specially trained in fire alarm, fire sprinkler and security system services. This saves our customers time and money while removing the hassle of staying compliant. Even though code compliance is complicated, we strive to educate — not isolate — our customers about their systems’ needs.