How a Full Service Life Safety Partner Can Simplify Your Property’s Operating Budget

Posted on: July 23, 2017

Learn how companies can streamline their life safety budgets by relying on one partner offering a turnkey solution

As a property owner or manager, it’s critical to ensure you’re getting the best value and quality for your hard-earned dollar when it comes to selecting your service providers. And in the case of life safety, it’s advantageous to work with a reputable provider who can provide a turnkey solution that meets all of your needs, today as well as into the future.

At LifeSafety Management, we’re a full-service life safety solutions provider that stands ready to assist you in all aspects of your safety systems. Whether you’re in need of fire alarm systems, extinguisher inspections, or a comprehensive security solution, Life Safety Management is up to the task of offering our expertise, equipment and support. It is our experience that working with a single life safety partner offers several key advantages as opposed to a variety of different vendors. Take a look:

Tight system integration

By using one full-service provider, you can rely on a single contact to coordinate all of the necessary services required to properly design, install, service, inspect, and integrate your systems. Whether you’re interested in fire alarms, fire sprinkler systems, security systems, or all of the above, a full-service provider can coordinate the requirements on individual or integrated systems.

Reduce service trips

Service providers typically include a cost for their travel time and expenses to visit your property. Trip charges can really add up when you’re working with a large number of vendors who service different systems within your building – costs can average anywhere from $50 to $100 per trip. By working with a comprehensive life safety provider, you can eliminate multiple trip charges because the company is able to check multiple systems – including those that are integrated and require coordinated inspection, testing, or maintenance – during just one visit.

Cost savings due to increased efficiencies

One of the reasons many of our clients appreciate LSM’s full-service capabilities is because of the significant cost savings achieved by our ability to perform all of the necessary inspections and services across multiple systems.

At LifeSafety Management, we can often schedule required service and inspections for fire alarm and sprinkler systems at one time. Doing so eliminates the need to arrange multiple site visits that tie-up even more of your property and facilities managers’ valuable time – and time is money. Additionally, we also provide services for many building systems that integrate with life safety equipment, including elevators, HVAC systems, and more. Competitors who don’t have these capabilities need to coordinate and schedule numerous other vendors to provide the same scope of services, or won’t do it at all, leaving the scheduling task of getting the work done to the property owner or manager.

Building owners and managers can reduce administrative costs when it comes to coordinating building shutdowns for water and alarm testing. With a full-service provider, all of this testing can be done at once to help reduce costs and downtime.

Complete ownership of your life safety system

How many times have you attempted to get an answer for an issue related to a certain system within your building, only to be given the runaround by a vendor placing blame on someone else? With a full-service provider, you only have one number to call, and because your point of contact handles all of your life safety and security systems, they can control the coordination of servicing all your systems.

Stop dealing with multiple service providers to manage your different life safety systems.

Using a full-service provider like LifeSafety Management to respond to all your life safety systems is only a phone call away. Inspections, maintenance, and testing are all simplified. Downtime to your property is reduced. And your budget will be simplified, with fewer line items and potential savings in the form of fewer disparate service calls for each component.

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